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The Best Schools Need the Best Teachers

Are You Interested in Taking Your Education Career Overseas?

Lumo Education recruits dozens of teachers, principals, and education experts annually to our partner schools and SISU Schools® around the world. Many positions get filled before as soon as we find the right candidate!

Recruitment for 2024 is now open!

Find out about the exciting positions and locations and apply today.

The 5 Benefits of Taking Your
Education Career Overseas

The 5 Benefits
of Going International

1. Gain Perspective and Experience


You are doing what you are passionate about and learning about a different culture, language, and life in a place that is foreign. You get a whole new perspective to teaching and learning which will help you as you develop professionally. International working experience is very valued in the job market not only in international schools but also in schools in Finland.

2. Competitive Packages


If you’re offered an international job in the field of education, chances are you’re getting offered housing, health insurance benefits and airfare to and from the host country. Net salaries are often higher than in Finland and in most countries the cost of living is also lower.

3. Professional Development


Not only do international schools offer dynamic work communities but the schools are often very dedicated to the professional development of the staff they hire. Often you’ll find yourself attending seminars, training sessions before you leave for the country and while you’re in the host country. You might also gain valuable experience of providing professional development courses in your field of expertise!

4. Beautiful and Modern Campuses


Now, this may vary from location to location but generally international schools are some of the most beautiful campuses around! Working in a modern learning environment allows you to teach in new ways and for sure will increase your wellbeing at the workplace.

5. Travel and Explore Different Cultures


There are usually plenty of travel possibilities when working in an international school. Most teachers and principals who have worked internationally talk about traveling extensively during weekends and in the holidays; it’s part of the international school culture to take advantage of the location that you’re in.

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