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SISU Schools® Finland - Start a Finnish School
SISU Schools® - Finnish-American School - Finland

Heroes of Learning

K-12 Concept


Overall Happiness

and Wellbeing

Finnish and American International


Any School Level

Any Country
Any Language

SISU Schools® is a globalized education program following Finnish, American and international standards. An entrepreneurial approach to learning that prepares children for

success and promotes overall happiness.

The SISU Program is a K-12 program that can be used in any country and in any language.

It prepares children for any school path and most of all, for life!

The SISU Program

Forget the subjects. Think BIG.

The SISU Program consists of three levels:

SISU Kids - Care, KG and Preschool

SISU Students - Elementary and Middle School

SISU Scholars - High School 

SISU Program is not based on the traditional division of subjects. We think bigger. Throughout elementary and middle school, children study phenomena combining different subjects, especially English, Mathematics, Science and Arts rather than focusing on discreet subjects.

The core contents of the program are five different areas together with the unique SISU Skills that prepare students for life. 

SISU program has been prepared by experienced pedagogical experts and teachers with many years of experience in the field of education both in Finland and international contexts.

SISU Schools® Program Finland

SISU Schools® is a K-12 school concept  and a registered trademark of 

Lumo Education Ltd. and International Schools Services.

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