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El Shaddai School and Lumo Education Start Collaboration to Bring Finnish Education to Guatemala

El Shaddai School to become the first school in Guatemala to implement the Finnish education system as a result of a strategic collaboration with Lumo Education

Lumo Education to bring Finnish education to Guatemala together with El Shaddai School

SAVONLINNA, FINLAND (May 4, 2023) – El Shaddai School in Zone 16 aims to educate the best Christian leaders by providing outstanding tools that pursue a holistic approach to education.

“Traditional education does not prepare us for today's world, where we receive a lot of information but lack the ability to apply it to daily life. We know critical thinking and fostering creativity are vital to meet the needs of this new era. We began searching for a way to innovate in our child-led education methodology, where the central focus is the student and where the children take charge of their own learning. Through this process, we found Lumo Education to provide us with a methodology that meets all our criteria, intertwining the principles we seek: academic excellence and student wellbeing.”, says the Board of Directors of El Shaddai School.

The school concept aims to develop and enrich learning in El Shaddai School while respecting its unique values, local culture, language, and Christian worldview.

Lumo Education customizes the best practices of the Finnish way of education in curriculum, pedagogy, and teacher training to El Shaddai School while following the requirements of the Ministry of Education in Guatemala. The Finnish approach in El Shaddai School emphasizes personalized and hands-on learning experiences for every student. It focuses on holistic well-being and bilingualism and incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) elements into the learning process. This unique combination fosters academic excellence, creativity, and interests, ensuring a well-rounded education and a cohesive school community that prepares students for the future.

“Lumo shares our vision to educate students as a whole; it completely fits our mission! We are delighted with the partnership we have embarked on, truly grateful to offer our students an enhanced educational experience”, says Andrea Caballeros, President of the Board of Directors of El Shaddai School.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the El Shaddai School in Guatemala. It is evident that our values and vision of how learning should be organized align perfectly with the school's leadership and stakeholders. Our primary goal is to deliver an exceptional educational experience for the students in El Shaddai School”, says Aki Halko, CEO of Lumo Education.

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El Shaddai School Guatemala

El Shaddai Bilingual Christian School offers an educational model where students can study in an atmosphere centered on the Word of God and academic excellence. Our commitment is to educate the best Christian leaders with comprehensive training, highly qualified students who are sure of themselves and their principles, and a generation that achieves its purpose and maximum potential. We provide care that empowers the student and focuses on activating learning with significant experiences and developing critical thinking skills, integrity, responsibility, global knowledge, and meaningful contributions to society.

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Lumo Education Ltd. (Lumo) is revolutionizing the learning experience. Lumo provides school concepts based on the award-winning Finnish educational approach, offering turnkey services that provide everything needed to set up, manage, and operate a school. The unique Finnish educational model, highlighted by innovation, practicality, entrepreneurship, a child-centered approach, and trust, provides a tailored educational model where learning desires, cultural context, and financial goals will be effectively met. Lumo Education is a member of Education Finland, a national education export program offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally. It is managed by the Finnish National Agency for Education and works within the Team Finland network.


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